Mrs. harper.

Completed Date

May 2022


Raynham, Ma


For the past five years previous Mrs. Harper had been having issues with her front step And the main entrance to her home not only was it structurally unsound but it was also an eyesore to such a beautiful home

Things to consider when deciding to replace your steps

Project goals

Curb appeal

Whether your home is a townhouse in the city center or a detached in the suburbs the steps and foot paths to your home serves as a welcome to all visitors it also speaks volumes about you and your particular style and taste whether it’s contemporary traditional or a custom design we are happy to provide you with samples and ideas of previous work to help you settle on your decision with us

Structural integrity the steps and foot paths to your home receives a high volume of foot traffic each year weather it’s the property owner. Delivery driver etc its very important that your steps and paths are constructed with suitable and durable materials for long lasting and safe use

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