Mr. Omar

Completed Date

September 2021



Mr. Omar was experiencing deterioration to the inner bricks of his fireplace on later inspection, it was found that the exterior chimney had decaying bricks and mortar that was allowing moisture and water to enter the chimneys interior causing damage in the fireplace.

he acted promptly and called our specialist team for a timely repair

Project goals

What are the signs of basement leaks?
Try to catch basement leaks before they ruins your basement. Not only will they destroy your interior finishes and belongings, but the water can affect your family’s health due to mold and mildew exposure. And don’t think water damage can only occur inside your home – it’s important to check the exterior as well. Watch for these common signs:

  • Foul or Smokey Smell. Creosote is a common byproduct of wood combustion, so the more frequently you use the fireplace, the quicker creosote will cling to the flue liner. …
  • Masonry Degradation. …
  • Crown Cracks. …
  • Worn Mortar Joints. …
  • Interior Wall Damage. …
  • Visible Rust. ..
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